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3D X-ray Imaging Contract Inspection Services with NIKON microCT Systems

Capabilities: 3 in house systems: NIKON XTV 160, XTH-225ST, XTH-450

  • 160 KV - Avionics/Electrical components up to 24” boards. Resolution ~ 0.0005”

  • 225 KV - 0.25” steel, ~ 8” component size.  Resolution 0.001”-0.003”

  • 450 KV  1” of steel, ~ 16” component size.  Resolution 0.002-0.005”

Access and Expertise to Walk In Room and High Energy Systems, parts 1’ to 8’


  • Reverse Engineering (STL generation)

  • GD&T for internal structures (additive)

  • Non-destructive failure analysis

  • Productionizing CT with scan/data reduction

  • 24 Hour Turn around, web viewing of data

Coupled Engineering Services with XCT

Statistical material evaluation

  • Porosity/inclusion analysis

  • Composite fiber orientation/volume fraction

  • Suitable for polymer, ceramic, and metals

In-situ/ex-situ mechanical testing coupled with XCT

Aerothermal testing with post XCT

  • Interested in thermal capability of your product?

  • High velocity HVOF (Mach 3+, 3500F capability)

XCT Voxel data to Finite Element Model

Nikon Inspection: Products

Examples – X-ray CT composite quality Inspection

Nikon Inspection: Products
Nikon Inspection: Products
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