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We offer an extensive range of coating processes and materials. Our wide selection allows us to address our customers’ various surface engineering needs, such as wear reduction, corrosion inhibition, thermal barriers, and other properties. In addition, we are experienced in applying coatings on objects of all shapes and sizes, from tiny bushings to large automobile-sized parts.  ​

Our spraying capabilities include:

  • Plasma Spray

  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel

  • Wire Arc Spray

A copy of our line card is available for download here.

Plasma Spray

This process involves electrodes that generate a high temperature plasma.  The plasma is propelled towards the components to be coated.  Coating material, in the form of powder is fed radially into the plasma and become molten before splatting onto the surface.  This process yields high temperature coatings and can be used to deposit cermets

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)

This process involves generating a high temperature and high velocity flame via combustion within the gun.  Powder is fed axially though the combustion chamber and is propelled at high velocities towards the components to be coated.  This process yields a highly dense coating as compared to Plasma Spray.

Twin Wire Arc Spray

This process uses a low power arc as its heat/energy source.  Two wires of a chosen composition is brought together and electrically charged to induce melting.  The molten material is propelled towards the work piece via air jets.  This process allows for thicker build-up (good for dimensional repair) and are inherently porous (good for applications requiring lubrication to seep into pores)

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